Step 3 – Create HTML Code (Cont.)

Add Sound To Your Page

  To add sound to a Web page you need to:
    1. Download and save a sound file on your PC.
    2. Add HTML code to your HTML page.
    3. Upload (FTP) these new files to your

The most popular sound files used today for Web pages are files that end with an extension of .au (audio format sound file), .wav (Windows wave format sound file), and .mid (Midi format sound file).

The <EMBED> tag is the most common way of adding sound to your Web page. Its advantage over the <BGSOUND> tag is that it is supported by both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers, and acts more consistently across all PC and Mac platforms.

To add sound to a Webpage, place the code below on your page between your <head> </head> Tags.

<embed src=”town.mid” autostart=”true” hidden=”true” loop=”false”>

Change town.mid to your file name.

The HTML Tag (Attribute) and a Description of what each tag does is discussed below:

HTML Tag (Attribute) Description
SRC="URL" “town.mid” The URL of your sound file. (Sound files can be in any recognizable format. For example, "midi, wav, au".
AUTOSTART="true"|"false" “true” Indicates if the sound track should start automatically upon loading. A "true" value means it should, a "false" value means it should not. The Explorer’s default is "false" while Navigator’s one is "true". The default on the Mac is "false" for both browsers.
HIDDEN="true"|"false" hidden=”true” Specifies if the embedded object is visible. HIDDEN="false" or hidden HIDDEN="true". The default is HIDDEN="false".
LOOP="true"|"false". “false”. Specifies if the sound should be played continuously LOOP="true" or should not be repeated LOOP="false". You may get continuous sound on older versions of Explorer.

Caution: Some visitors may find embedded sound to be a distraction. Think carefully about whether you really need to use embedded sound. A link to a sound file that your visitor can select, may be better. See the code below for an example:
<A HREF=”town.mid”>Play Town Midi</A>
Play Town Midi

To locate your free midi files visit The Free Site.

For information on MP3 sounds visit this page.

To locate your free sound effects visit Boogie Jac.

For information on recording your own computer music visit

Take a course in recording digital music.