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1stSiteFree Meta Tag Generator

META Tags are hidden HTML Tags you can place in the <HEAD> section of your Web pages. META Tags provide information to browsers and search engine spiders. They are used by some Search Engines to index and rank your Web page.

The 1st Site Free Meta Tag Generator below will create META Tags based on your Description, Keywords, Author, Rating, Robots and Revisit Interval input. META Tags may not be used by all search engines. But, I recommend you always use them. Place your META Tags directly under your <TITLE>. If you are unsure about the other Tags, leave the default settings and you won’t go wrong. Note: META Tags don’t have a closing tag.

Your META Description Tag should describe what your page is about, it should read like a normal sentence and include your top keyword phrase(s). You can include up to 200 characters of text.
Enter your description below:

Your META Keywords are search terms used to locate your page. Separate each keyword or keyword phrase with a comma. For example: cat food,dog food,pet food. Do not repeat any keyword or keyword phrase more than three times. You can include up to 1,000 characters (including and commas and spaces). But, I suggest you limit this to 5 – 7 keywords, since using too many keywords will only dilute the value of your other keywords.
Enter your keywords below:

Author: You can use the Author META Tag to define the name of the author of the document being read. Other supported data include e-mail address of the Webmaster, your company name or Internet address (URL).
Enter your data below:

Rating: Use the Rating META Tag to rate the content of your pages for your visitors. Since parents use filtering software, this software may block access to “Unrated” sites. Most sites use a Rating of General.

Robots: The Robots META Tag tell search engines which pages to place in their index or ignore. It also tells search engines if you would like their spider to follow your internal hyperlinks.

Revisit Interval: The Revisit Interval META Tag tell search engines when you want their spider come back to re-index your page. Express your revisit value in days. For example: 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Never use a value of less than 30 days.

Your META Tags will appear in the box below:

  To use your META Tags, follow these steps:

  1.  Right-click inside the box above where your META Tags appear, click Select All from the pop-up menu. With the code highlighted, right-click inside the box again and select Copy from the pop-up menu. The code will be copied onto your computer’s clipboard.
  2.  Open your Web Page and paste your code between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> Tags of your page. Directly under your <TITLE> Tag.
  3.  After pasting this data under your <HEAD> Tag, make sure that each META Tag appears on a single line.
    Like this:
    Not this:
    CONTENT=”30 days”>
  4.  Create META Tags for every page on your Website.

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