How can I … Add a Favicon to my site?

Currently, all versions of the major browsers support favicons, including Internet Explorer 5/6+, Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Konqueror 3+ and Safari.

The A, B, C‘s of a favicon. If you click on your Favorites menu (bookmark) and your browser is Internet Explorer 5/6+, Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Konqueror 3+ and Safari, you can add this site to your list of favorite pages using the favicons feature. If you do, the image and text below should appear.
favicon2.gifHow can I… Add a Favicon to my Website?

This is called a Favicon. Favicon was introduced with Internet Explorer 5/6 by Microsoft©. You can use this new feature to display your logo or some other small graphic on your visitor’s Favorites menu when they bookmark your site. In addition to your favicon, your Website title with a link to your site will also show in the URL box of your browser.

Every time someone adds your site to their favorites list your favicon (if they are using one of the browser versions listed above) will be displayed instead of the default, blue-and-white “e” icon – like this e-icon.gif.

To add a favicon to your site download the free image viewer, IrfanView, and install it on your PC. (For: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Me or Windows XP.) This is a freeware image viewer, editor and converter that will allow you to view and edit all image files (to include .ico files).

To find your favorite icon, you can visit the sites below and download these icons for free:

  • Cool Archive and select from 4000 icons in 125 categories, this icon archive is one of the biggest and most complete collection on the net. These icons are available in both .ico (for your Website favicon) and .gif formats for your Webpage.
  • Leo’s Icon Archive. The Icon Archive is a collection of icon sets of over 7000 high quality icons in gif and ico format.
  • Pay attention to any readme files before using any free icons or graphics files.

If you would like to design your own icon, you can use IrfanView, Microsoft© Paint, or visit and download the Goldicon editor and create your own icon. It’s free!

  • You don’t have to be an artist to create an icon, but it helps.

  • Your image is limited to 16 x 16 pixes, but to create one start with a larger image, say 32 x 32 and reduce it to 16 x16.

About your .ico image. Your .ico image size must be 16 by 16 pixels in height and width – no execeptions! Let’s face it, an image this size is tiny and you can’t get too creative. Take a look again Another favicon.gif. If you also want to dislay your favicon on your Wepage, you have to convert this image to a gif file (file extension .gif)).

Check your image. Using IrfanView you downloaded and installed on your PC, check your .ico image:

  1. Make sure your image is sized to 16 Width 16 Height.
  2. The number of color used is limited to 16.
  3. Has a file name favicon and file extension of .ico (Windows icon).
  4. Change your image size, number of colors and file name/extension – if required.
  5. If you need help using IrfanView, click on IrfanView Help.

Upload your image. Next, Upload (FTP) this Favicon icon to your host in Binary Transfer Mode and place it in your root directory (which is the top directory for your Website) and where you have your html documents located.

Don’t have a domain. Even if you don’t have your own domain, you can still use a favicons on your site. But, you’ll need to add the following code in between the HEAD Tags on each of your Webpages:

Where: is your URL Web address.
And, favicon.ico your icon file.

Test your favicon file. In some cases your favicon may not appear when you test it. If you have this problem, following these steps:

  1. Delete all current favorites to your Website.
  2. Clear your History and Cache files.
  3. Clear your Recycle Bin.
  4. Restart (reboot) your PC.
  5. Bookmark your site. Your Favicon should appear.

Favicon file problems.

  • They are not permanent and are stored in your temporary Internet files folder.
  • If your Temporary Internet Files folder is deleled, your favicons will be lost.
  • Internet Explorer 5 sometimes fails to download the favicon automatically.
  • Some Web hosting services may not support .ico files. If you’re in doubt, ask your hosting service.

Favorg. One solution to the above favicon file problems is to download and install FavOrg on your PC. Platforms: Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher and Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or Me.

Not only does Favorg stop the loss of your Favicons caused by the Internet Explorer cache being deleated, but it also checks all the links in your Favorites folder and allows you to redirect missing Favicons to the top level of the domain, or delete dead links.

FavOrg is available free from PC Magazine, which you can join for free. Visit and join PC Magazine now. Once you have joined, search for FavOrg. Download it, install on your PC and click Go!.

Favorg screenshot
 Favorg screenshot.