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Sites that provide free graphics

Caution: When you download any file from the Internet, you risk downloading viruses.

How do I copy graphics?

  1. To copy an image file from the Internet, hold your courser over the image, right click your mouse, select Save and enter a file name for the image and select a folder to store your gif/jpeg files.
  2. Make sure these files are offered freely by the Web master. Some may ask you to provide them a link back.
  3. Don’t link directly to any graphic.


Want graphics for your Web page? Try some of the free graphics links below:

  • » A+B+C Web Graphics. Free gifs, backgrounds, clip art, icons, buttons, bullets, and images.
  • » Absolutely Free Icon Library. The most popular directory of free icons savers on the Web. These icons may be used on any Website on the Net.
  • » Thousands of free graphics, clipart animations, free backgrounds, bars, buttons, bars, textures, and clip art images.
  • » Animation Factory. Original free 3D animated gifs, clip art and graphics. Buttons, icons, characters, creatures, and fun animations.
  • » Animation Library. Over 14,000 Free Animations plus articles, reviews, tutorials, postcard, and everything else related to animated graphics.
  • » Axclipart. Free clipart backgrounds, textures, and graphics for download, over 100,000 graphics available for free.
  • » Has over 2,000 PAGES of Free backgrounds to choose from!
  • » Barry’s Clip Art. Free resource for all types of clip art. New images added daily.
  • » Buttons. A massive selection of buttons available on the Net. Also make your own buttons and labels for your Web pages.
  • » Professionally drawn clipart and graphics images and icons, all free for use on your Website or publication.
  • » Free This Free animations and 3d animated gifs based web site is dedicated to bring you the best web design tools and resources for your web pages.
  • » Free web graphics, animated, clip art, backgrounds, borders, buttons and balls. With a search database.
  • » Free Foto. is the largest collections of free photographs for non-commercial use on the Internet.
  • » Webmasters freebies – free graphics, pictures, photos and more.
  • » Image-O-Rama. Horizontal rules, bullets, buttons, icons, alphabets, mini-gifs and animated gifs.
  • » Realm Graphics. Over 340 textures for your page backgrounds, over 350 bullets, 130 buttons, 510 icons and 350 lines.
  • » Leo’s Icon Archive. Decorative caps, comic Icons, Mozilla icons, butterflies, bullets, buttons, flags, lines, welcome and construction gifs.
  • » The Clip Art Site. From, a great assortment of clip art, graphics, icons, graphics, cartoons, backgrounds, borders and image links.
  • » The Banner Generator. The Banner Generator is a free service to let you create graphical banners for your web-pages.
  • » Viva! graphics. A huge list of 3D and textured buttons, background images, free professional Internet banners in all colors shapes and styles.
  • » Webweaver. Spice up your site, 100′s of free graphics: background tiles & borders, clip art, bullets, buttons, bars, animations and arrows. For personal or commercial use.