Step 2 – Design Your Site

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You should focus the design of your site on achieving the results stated in your Website Plan created during Step 1. Next, follow the writing guidelines and design tutorial tips specified below.
Outputs from this step should be: 1) the background color, text color, link color, and visited link color and Website style you plan to use for your site; 2) the Web design tools you downloaded; 3) images to be used for each page; 4) a hand drawn organizational chart of your site; and 5) your Website Plan updated to reflect this information.

How to design your Website

Website Design Tutorial. The use of colors, consistency, content, graphics, navigation and Web style all work together toward creating an effective Website. Learn about Website design and you will be able to answer these questions: What colors do you want to use? How do you keep the look of your site consistent? Why content is so important? What graphics should you add? How will visitors navigate your site? How can you layout your pages?

Website Design Tools. Carpenters, electricians and auto-mechanics all need the right tools before they begin work. Well, so do Webmasters. It’s called software. Some software you already have, others you can download as freeware or shareware. See what tools you need and download them now.

Organizational Chart. Draw an organizational chart by hand of your site. This should show how your pages are linked to one another — your navigation scheme.

Update Your Website Plan. Update the Website Plan you created during Step 1 to include:
How? You will use colors, consistency, content, graphics, navigation and Web style to design your site.

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